About Us


Founded by a Veteran, Working with and for Veterans to Make a Difference!

Warrior Rescue is a non profit founded by a veteran and comprised of many board members who are veterans committed to empower veterans. There are over 22,000,000 veterans in America. These men and women in an unselfish manner signed a contract to defend the United States Constitution and the American People with their lives. These young men postponed college and married lives to a calling for the qualified few. American veterans accepted a profile of all being equal under the Armed Forces ignoring their personalities for the sake of unity in creating the most powerful and potent military force in the world with highly focused, patriotic and committed military personnel.

In light of this commitment, it is incumbent upon America to reciprocate in kind in extending gratitude and accommodation for a smooth transition back to civilian life. Warrior Rescue is committed to assisting veterans in mental health, housing and workforce development. New legislation needs to be amended to compensate for comparable work skills, professional mental health assistance in recognizing issues incurred from stress in combat situations and housing for affordable housing for all veterans with newly formed families.

This national issue is an American problem to be solved by all. Warrior Rescue will address the aforementioned issues with either referrals or as a non-profit provide solutions for all veterans.

22,000,000 veterans in America

Warrior Rescue is committed to actively acknowledge and support ALL AMERICAN VETERANS